Secure shopping with Visa Checkout®

Save time and protect your personal information when shopping online.

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout is an online account that makes online shopping more secure and easier to pay.

With one username and password for your Visa Checkout account, you can speed through checkout with ease at a variety of online stores. No need to re-enter your card number or shipping address with each purchase.

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Why use Visa Checkout?

  • Simple: Check out faster across all your devices with easy, one-click payments.
  • Fast: When using Visa Checkout, you don't need to enter your card number and shipping info every time you shop online.
  • Secure: Pay confidently with the power of Visa and TCF on your side. You are protected with zero fraud liability.
  • Exclusive: Get offers, inspiration and more from a wide variety of participating online stores.
Easy steps to enroll in Visa Checkout

How to get started

  1. Set up: Enroll your TCF Debit Card in Visa Checkout.
  2. Shop: Click to pay with your Visa card when you see this icon Visa accepted icon where Visa is accepted.
  3. Save time: Whenever you see this icon Visa accepted icon where Visa is accepted, you can skip guest checkout, bypass form fields and forget the hassle of remembering passwords.
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