Security at tax time

Protect yourself and your money during tax season

Protecting your assets
March 04, 2020

Tax scams cost thousands of people millions of dollars1, according to the IRS.
As tax season approaches, the following steps can help you protect yourself—and your money.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your money and identity safe at tax time.

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Use direct deposit for your refund

  • Around tax time, fraudsters might steal mail, hoping to find checks.
  • Direct deposit is secure, easy to set up, and you get your money faster. Use form 8888 and your account and routing number.
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Use online statements

  • Fraudsters might try to steal your paper account statements to get access to your account. E-statements are more secure than paper statements. Sign up for online statements in digital banking under Accounts & Statements.
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Mail tax returns securely

  • Don’t mail your tax return documents from a regular, unlocked mailbox—a scammer could take it and use your personal information to steal your identity. Instead, take returns to an official, secure USPS mail box, or mail it at the post office.
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Remember free credit reports

  • Carefully look over your credit report to spot identity theft. Request a free credit report once per year from each of the three major credit-reporting companies—see how at
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