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Take action to protect your account from misuse

Protecting your assets
March 04, 2020

Steps we’re taking

We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe. That’s why we maintain top-notch security with you in mind. Here are some steps we’re taking to protect your account:

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Steps to protect your account

You probably make financial transactions every day, but do you know how to protect those transactions from consumer fraud and identity theft? Here are some helpful tips for protecting yourself from common swindles and fraudsters.

Monitor your accounts frequently

  • Sign up for account alerts through digital banking
  • Enroll in online statements to protect your information from theft
  • Use the mobile app with quick glance feature for one-click access to balances and recent transactions

Check your credit report regularly

  • Review credit reports and look for unauthorized accounts or activity

Don’t share account information

  • Don’t share your account or personal information with anyone who contacts you. If a call seems suspicious, or you don’t recognize the number, tell them you’ll call the bank directly using the main number on the back of your TCF card
  • Never click on links from texts, emails, or calendar invites if you’re not 100% sure who the sender is
  • Never share your PIN verbally, written on your card or in writing

Enroll your debit card to mobile payments

  • Enroll your debit card to mobile payments, such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to make secure purchases online, in apps, and at your favorite stores. When you use these options, your debit card is never shared with the merchant.

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