How to manage your checking account

Top tips for keeping your account on point.

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March 04, 2020

You juggle lots of things. Work. Friends. Family. Activities. You know how to manage it all! Make sure you know how to manage your checking account, too.

Monitor your balance

  • Our mobile app has quick glance balance view for one-click access to your account balance and recent transactions.
  • Use online bill pay and its calendar view to monitor bill payments that are scheduled to be paid soon.
  • Understand that certain debit card transactions process differently than others.
  • Track checks. You need to track the checks you write. We don’t know about and digital banking will not show checks you’ve written or their amounts until the person or company you pay deposits them, so it’s important for you to track each one and deduct the amount from your balance.
  • Remember upcoming auto-payments. You set up automatic payments by giving your debit card number or account information to a biller or by scheduling an online bill payment. Unless automatic payments are scheduled in online bill pay, they won’t show up in digital banking until after they’ve processed.

    That means that when you look at your available balance, you should keep in mind (and deduct from your balance) any upcoming automatic payments so you don’t overspend. That includes less frequent payments, such as streaming music or video subscription services and quarterly tax payments.
  • Use alerts. Set up alerts within digital banking to notify you if your account balance falls below a certain amount or when certain payments process. You can have alerts sent to the mobile app by selecting push notifications as the delivery option. Please note that alerts are meant to be a helpful guide, but should not be solely relied upon for your balance information. Alerts are meant to notify you about certain account activity. However, they’re not delivered in real time, so you won’t get immediate notification about account activity.

Enroll in online statements

  • Reduce paper and clutter with free, secure, convenient online statements. To receive online statements, in digital banking, go to accounts & statements, select the account name and choose enroll in online statements. Verify your email address and select save. If you have more than one account, you can enroll all of your eligible accounts in online statements by selecting that checkbox.


  • Avoid ATM fees. There’s no fee for TCF customers to use TCF ATMs, but you may incur fees when you use non-TCF ATMs.

Keep a healthy balance

  • Keep your account active by depositing enough money to cover upcoming withdrawals, purchases and payments. 
  • Set up direct deposit to get your paycheck or government-issued check into your account quickly.
  • Use the pay & transfer tool. Transfer funds from your TCF savings account when your checking account needs a boost. For savings accounts with a minimum balance requirement, transfer funds from your checking account to maintain the necessary account balance when needed.

Understand overdrafts and what you’ve selected.

  • Know your options and which is right for you. When you open your account, you tell us how to handle a transaction if you don’t have enough money in your account to cover it. Learn more here. You should understand how your overdraft election works, what your options are and their costs. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to change your election, which you can also do within digital banking.
  • Consider overdraft protection services. You can link your checking to your savings account, and we’ll automatically transfer money to cover the amount you’re short. Or you can link to a line of credit and we’ll automatically advance funds. There are fees for both of these services; learn more here.

Know when funds are available

  • Understand funds availability. When you deposit a check or make a transfer, the funds may not be available immediately. Learn how the time of day and type of check or transfer affect when your funds will be available.


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