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Getting started with your bank
March 04, 2020
Digital banking routing number

To set up direct deposit, you need your routing number and account number. The easiest way to find them is by logging in to digital banking, selecting the account name, and choosing manage my account.

Here’s what you need to set up direct deposit.

  • Look at the bottom of one of your checks. The routing number is the first group of numbers.
  • If you don’t have a check, no problem. Your routing number is based on the state where you opened your account.
 - Arizona 122106183 
 - Colorado 107006444
 - Illinois  271972572
 - Indiana  271972572
 - Michigan  272471548
 - Minnesota  291070001
 - South Dakota  291070001
 - Wisconsin  275071385

Check with the routing number at the bottom

  • In your account agreement, your account number is listed at the top of the first page.
  • On your check, the account number is the second group of numbers.
If you don’t have a check, look at the upper right of your account statement. To find your online statement in digital banking, go to accounts, select the account name, select online statements and choose the date of the statement to open.

Account number at the bottom of a check
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Set up direct deposit for fast access to your paycheck.

Get your money quickly

  • Direct deposits are available sooner than paper checks, which have a longer processing time. 
  • Save yourself a trip to the bank — plus there’s no standing in line to deposit or cash your check. 

Enjoy more security

  • Direct deposit is more secure than paper checks, which can get lost or stolen.

Deposit a variety of payments

  • In addition to payroll, you can use direct deposit for government payments, including Social Security or Supplemental Income, Veterans Benefits, Federal or Military Salary and more.

Split your paycheck into different accounts

  • Boost your savings account by having a portion of your paycheck go directly into an account where you’re saving for something special, such as a vacation or a home.
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How to set up direct deposit

  • Your employer likely has a direct deposit form or online site. Remember to bring a voided check with you when you start a new job to supply the information needed.
  • You can also download our direct deposit form, fill out the information and transfer the information onto your employer’s direct deposit form when you get to work. 


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