Savings sprint

Take that first step toward healthier savings habits with a 10-week challenge

Budgeting and planning
March 04, 2020
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We challenge you to participate in our 10-week Savings Sprint to boost your bottom line. You want to build your balance. We want to help you do it!

Download our tool to identify your savings goal and track your progress. We’ve outlined 10 weeks of opportunities to help you fund your savings goal. Print it out and put it on your fridge or bulletin board for a nice reminder to save each week.

Get started on the right track

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Commit to saving just $10 a week and you’ll add $100 to your savings balance

When saving toward a goal, it helps to have a separate place to stash your cash

Pairing a savings account with your existing checking account makes it easy to manage your money as it grows. We’ve got lots of savings options to help you meet your goal.

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Starting blocks for savings success

Making a plan to save more money can be daunting. We’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

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Give your savings account a nickname

If every time you transfer money into your savings account, you’re actually transferring it into “New York Trip” or “Car Repair” or “New Dishwasher,” you’re more likely to keep the money where it belongs. It’s not easy withdrawing cash for a pizza delivery when you have to take it out of “Emergency Vet Visit.”

Build a budget

Don’t forget to plan. Set up a personal budget in digital banking with existing categories (or add your very own). Create rules that place certain expenses into categories. Stick to your budget and move any money you don’t spend each month into your savings account. Things will add up fast.

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Take stock

This goal starts at home. Once a month, go through your kitchen, pantry or closet and make a list of what you’ve got. This makes it easier to create lists of what you need and keeps you from buying things you don’t need (like a sixth jar of marinara sauce but no noodles, or another striped shirt).

Automatic transfers

Set your savings on autopilot. Use the pay and transfer tool in digital banking to move money easily between your eligible accounts. You can set up one-time transfers or schedule recurring transfers, which make it easy to set and easy to track (transferring $1 each day from your checking account to your savings account would save you $365 a year).

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Go on a spending cleanse

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Each week, pick one thing to do without. It can be coffee, going out to eat, happy hour or shopping. Cutting out a different thing each week helps you become more aware of where your money goes.

Get started on the right track

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