Benefits of savings

Saving even a little bit each month can make a big difference in the long run.

Budgeting and planning
March 04, 2020
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Here’s why you should make building a savings a big priority—starting now.

  1. Build a safety net

    If you don’t have an emergency savings fund, starting one is critical. When your car breaks down or you miss work, having an emergency fund to rely on can make a big difference. Saving $20 from a twice-monthly paycheck would build $960 in two years. Or challenge yourself to skip a $5 mocha once a week, and put that $20 into your savings account each month. Whatever you can save adds up over time!

  2. Fund your savings account

    We make it simple for you to build your savings. You can deposit some of your paycheck directly into your savings account. Or you can set up recurring payments between your checking and savings account within digital banking, with the ability to change the amount and timing when needed.

  3. Manage your savings account easily

    We make it easy for you to manage your savings account. View your account details and manage your balance in digital banking, in a branch or at an ATM. Link your savings account to your checking account debit card, and use the same digital banking login for both accounts.

  4. Link for overdraft protection

    You can also link your savings account to your checking account as part of overdraft protection services. TCF will automatically advance funds from your linked savings account to your checking account when you have an overdraft. A $10 fee applies each day we transfer funds. 

    Start building your emergency fund with a Free Savings account, or learn about the different savings accounts available. Free Savings, which is available to TCF personal checking customers, has no monthly fee. Excessive withdrawal and other fees may apply. Limit one account per person.

Talk to one of our branch team members about your goals, and they’ll help you determine the best savings option for you.


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