Business Edition® Visa® Card

Offers control of your cash flow with low introductory rate options.
  • No annual fee.1
  • 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR)1 on purchases and balance transfers for the first 6 billing cycles.
  • APR after the introductory period will be 10.49% - 18.49% depending on your credit worthiness. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
  • The Transaction Fee for Balance Transfers is an introductory 4% with a minimum of $10 for the first 6 billing cycles after your account is open. After that, the Balance Transfer Fee is 5% with a minimum of $10, applies to each balance transfer you make.
  • Please see the Summary of Credit Terms for important information on rates, fees, costs, conditions and limitations.
  • If you take advantage of this offer and make additional purchases with your credit card you will be charged interest on those purchases unless you pay your statement balance, including the balance associated with this offer, by the statement due date. For example, if you make a balance transfer to your account for $1,000 and then make a $500 purchase, you must pay the statement balance of $1,500 by your due date in order to avoid paying interest on the $500 purchase, unless the applicable interest rate on that purchase is 0%.
1 For additional information about Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), fees and other costs, please see the Summary of Credit Terms. Your minimum payment will be applied to balances starting with the lowest APR first. Amounts paid in excess of the minimum payment will be applied to balances starting with the highest APR first.

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