Fraud & Merchant Dispute Help

Is your card lost or stolen?
Do you believe a transaction is fraudulent?

If your card is lost or stolen, or if you believe that a transaction is fraudulent, please call us as soon as possible so we can help.

We will cancel your lost or stolen card to protect your account and help with reviewing your account activity for any charges you don't recognize. We will help by either mailing you a new card through the U.S. mail or locating a nearby branch that can instantly issue a new card for you.

Learn more about fraud, phishing scams and how to spot them here.

When you do not recognize a transaction on your account and you are concerned it could be fraud, consider the following:

  • Pending transactions temporarily display on your account while we wait for information from the merchant. Pending transactions can also represent placeholder amounts for transactions such as hotel stays, car rental services and gas station fill ups. Once final information is received from the merchant, the transaction will process and post to your account.
  • Recurring transactions authorized by you or another person you may have allowed to access your account. Review previous statements or your online banking history. This may be a recurring transaction that was previously authorized by you or another user.
  • Other persons you allow to use your account may be able to verify if they recognize or made the transaction.
  • Review your receipts. Check the transaction amount against receipts from transactions you've recently made or recent checks that you wrote to a merchant that may have been converted to an electronic transaction. This may assist in identifying transactions that have posted with a different merchant description or location.
  • Unrecognized merchant names. Contact the merchant directly. Some merchants use a different name when charging your account or they may process charges from a central location versus the location where a transaction actually occurred. By contacting the merchant directly, the merchant may be able to assist in identifying the transaction.
    • If you have a dispute with the merchant's product or services, it is often faster to work directly with the merchant. You should contact the merchant to understand the charge and resolve the issue.
    • When you contact the merchant, we recommend you document the date(s) of contact, who you spoke with, and the merchant’s response to your request in the event you need to follow up on the request with the merchant in the future.
    • If you receive a product that needs to be returned, it should be returned based on the terms and conditions of the original purchase and shipping receipts. Merchants may take up to 15 days to credit your account from when the product is returned.

For further transaction help, call us.

Customer service disputes

Need to stop a recurring payment?

  • If you have a recurring payment with a merchant that you have a previous or current relationship with and would like to stop the payment, contact the merchant directly and ask them stop or cancel the payment.
  • If the merchant will not honor your request to stop the future payments, please call us. We can help by placing a stop payment on all future debit card or ACH payments from the merchant when the request is made at least three days prior to the next scheduled payment.

Common examples of a Recurring Payments are:
  • Health club memberships.
  • Trial memberships where the trial period has ended.
  • Annual renewals of services.
  • Bill payments such as mortgages, credit cards, cell phones and utilities.

Merchant Dispute

The product or service that you ordered did not meet your expectations. You have already attempted to resolve the dispute with the merchant, you believe the merchant is not following the agreement you have with the merchant and would like further assistance. Contact us and we may be able to help you resolve your dispute with the merchant.

Common examples of a Merchant Dispute are:
  • I have returned the product and complied with the merchant's return provisions and the merchant has not provided a credit.
  • I have cancelled an order or contract and have not received a credit as agreed upon with the merchant.
  • I recognize the transaction and have attempted to resolve the issue with the merchant, but now I have a disagreement with the merchant on the service or product.

Transaction Error or ATM Error

If you recognize the transaction, but it was deducted from your account for an incorrect amount or you did not receive the funds from an ATM call us as soon as possible so we can help.

Common examples of Transaction or ATM errors are:
  • I was charged more than what I approved.
  • While I was using an ATM, the ATM did not dispense the amount that I was charged.
  • I was charged more than once for this transaction.
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