From your phone or computer, you can lock and unlock your debit card. Log in to digital banking or the mobile app, select My debit cards and move your setting to locked or unlocked.

You can change your address within digital banking by going to settings, selecting the profile tab and then selecting the button change address. When changing your address in digital banking, the street address and mailing address for ALL your accounts will change, including any accounts for which you are a joint owner. You cannot change the address for any accounts for which you are not an owner.

If you want an address change to only apply to certain accounts, or if you only want to add or change an alternate mailing address, call us at 1-800-823-2265 (TTY 1-800-343-6145) or visit a branch instead of completing an address update within digital banking. 

Update your email address by going to settings and clicking the button change contact info. Type in your new email address and click save.

Be sure to keep your email updated so that you’ll receive important alerts about account security.

Go to settings and click on the change contact info button. Type in your new phone number and click save.
Go to settings, select the alerts tab and click on add custom alerts. The dropdown menu has a number of alerts you can set up. If you choose reminder from the dropdown menu, you can enter a description of the alert and choose how frequently you’d like to receive it.

Alerts related to your account’s balance or transactions, such as the balance threshold alert, are sent once per business day after TCF completes nightly processing. You will not receive updated alerts throughout the day as you conduct transactions. Check your balance in digital banking for the most updated available balance.

Alerts about your digital banking credentials, such as password resets, are delivered immediately.

Remove or disable any device by going to settings and selecting the mobile tab. Under manage devices, select the name of the device that’s lost or stolen. Select the button remove device. You can also call us at 1-800-823-2265 (TTY 1-800-343-6145) and we’ll disable it for you.

For your account security, you should always log off of a device when you’re done doing your digital banking.

If your legal name has changed, please bring documentation and your government-issued photo identification to a branch. See locations here.

Yes. When you set up an alert, choose that it be sent to the app by push notification.
Go to settings and select the security tab to make changes to your log in credentials. You’ll need your current password. If you’re having problems logging in to digital banking, call 1-800-823-2265 (TTY 1-800-343-6145).

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