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Our mobile app works with mobile devices (phones and tablets) running an eligible and updated Apple iOS or Android operating system, for example, an iPhone®  or Samsung Galaxy.
TCF does not charge a monthly fee to use the mobile app. You can download our mobile app for free from your mobile device’s app store. Most features are free, including mobile deposit, quick glance, pay & transfer and budget and planning tools. There is a fee for express bill pay, which allows you to pay a company or person faster than the standard delivery time. The fee will appear on screen prior to completing the transaction.

Yes. You can download the app and follow the prompts to enroll. You'll need to have your account number or debit/ATM card number, PIN and Social Security number to enroll.

Yes. Your digital banking login ID and password is the same on the mobile app and online.
Yes! Plus there are a few additional, mobile-only features available on the app that you can’t do on a computer – mobile deposit, fingerprint ID and quick glance. ​Digital banking has a similar look and feel whether you’re using a computer or mobile device.

Yes, if you’ve enrolled in online statements you can view them using the mobile app.

To view your online statements, go to accounts & statements, click on the account name and then select online statements. You can view up to 3 years of past statements.

If you haven’t enrolled in online statements but would like to, go to accounts & statements, select the account name, and then click the button enroll in online statements. Click on get enrollment code and a PDF will download. Open the PDF to view the code, then enter it into the enter code box and hit next. You should get a notification verifying that you successfully enrolled in online statements.

To un-enroll from online statements, go to settings, select the accounts tab and from the pull-down menu change electronic to paper and hit save. You may be charged a fee for paper statements.

Fingerprint ID lets you log into the mobile app on a fingerprint-enabled device using a thumb or fingerprint.

Once you enable fingerprint ID, any fingerprint saved on your device will be able to access your mobile app and account information.

On some phone models with facial recognition, such as the iPhone X, facial recognition may be the only biometric identity option available. For these models, facial recognition replaces fingerprint ID.
Yes, you’ll just need to enter your login ID and password.

You’ll be prompted to set up fingerprint ID after you first download the mobile app, during setup. If you skip fingerprint ID at that time and want to set it up later, log into the mobile app and tap on the upper left dropdown menu. Select settings, click on mobile and select your current device. Select enable fingerprint authentication and confirm.

You can only set up fingerprint ID when you’re using the mobile app on your mobile device. If you’re using an internet browser, it won’t be available.

Yes, if your device is equipped with facial recognition and it’s set up. If so, when you access the mobile app a screen will prompt you to enable the feature or decline to use it. If you decline and later change your mind, activate facial recognition by going to Settings, choosing Mobile and selecting the name of the device. From the list of options, select the red button Enable Face ID Authentication.  

On some phone models with facial recognition, such as the iPhone X, facial recognition may be the only biometric identity option available. For these models, facial recognition replaces fingerprint ID.
Yes, you can view check, deposit and special handling notice images. Go to transactions and click on the transaction or notice you’d like to view. Select the view image button. If that button doesn’t appear, that means no image is available to view (for example, it’s a transfer from one account to another).
Text banking is no longer offered. With the TCF Bank mobile app, you have one-touch access to your account balance using quick glance or fingerprint ID. Learn more about the mobile app here.

When you set up alerts, choose whether you want them delivered to your digital banking inbox, to your email address or to the app by push notification.

To set up alerts, go to settings and click on the alerts tab. Set up alerts using the dropdown menus. For example, if you want an alert sent to you when your checking account is below a certain amount, you would select the button add custom alerts and select account balance threshold alert. Select the account name, select less than, enter the desired dollar amount and choose how you want to receive the alert – by push notification, to your digital banking inbox or to your primary email account. Hit save.

First, make sure you’ve updated the app and have the latest version on your device. We continuously work to improve the app and make it as seamless for you to use as possible. If you know you have the latest version of the app but still can’t log in, call us at 1-800-823-2665 (TTY 1-800-343-6145).

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