Debit card lock/unlock

From your phone or computer, you can lock and unlock your debit card. Log in to digital banking or the mobile app, select My debit cards and move your setting to locked or unlocked.

Once your debit card is locked, most transactions will be declined. New transactions made in store, online, by mobile payment or by phone will be declined. You cannot access or make any transactions at ATMs, including withdrawing cash, checking your balance or making deposits.

Transactions not involving your debit card will process. Pending transactions, recurring bill payments, checks, returns and miscellaneous credits will process. Money will still go into your account, such as direct deposits and money back if you make a return at a store. Also, money will still go into your account if someone pays you using a money transfer app.

The lock/unlock feature is only available for TCF debit cards. It is not available for TCF ATM cards, credit cards or U Cards at this time.

No. Mobile payments, including Apple Pay®, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay, will not work when you lock your debit card.

If you’re an account holder on a joint account and lose your card, locking your card doesn’t affect your joint account holder’s debit card. You need to log into your own digital banking account to lock your card.

For security reasons, while your debit card is locked, we will not re-issue a new PIN over the phone. If you need a new PIN while your card is locked, please visit a branch.

If your card is expiring soon, you’ll still receive a new debit card in the mail even if your card setting is set to locked. Once you activate the new card, the prior lock doesn’t apply so the new card will be unlocked.

When you lock or unlock your debit card, you'll receive a mandatory email alert about your card's locked or unlocked status in your primary email listed in your profile. If you'd like to get a push notification sent to your mobile phone via the mobile app, go to Settings, select Alerts, select Show mandatory, select the alert Card locked (or Card unlocked), then Edit, check the box for Push notifications and Save.

If you haven’t enrolled in digital banking, you can lock your card by calling us at 1-800-823-2265 (TTY 1-800-343-6145).

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