Planning tools

Keep your budget on its path. And you on yours.

A laptop showing TCF’s digital banking budget plan summary is in view. A woman selects transactions, then planning. You see her click on goals. Fluffy flakes are falling down on her laptop. She brushes them off, closes her laptop and reveals two dogs looking guilty because they’ve chewed up her favorite red chair.

Whenever the thought strikes, it's easy to manage your money.
Get a sharp picture of what you spend and save.
You can make a new budget. Set goals for yourself. Plan for the future.
Then you can get back to the here and now;
because here and now both need you, too.

Track your income, expenses and budget.

Our digital banking experience includes helpful budgeting tools. You can set and track financial goals, view your spending history and income and plan for future expenses.

  • Set up your budget, track your earnings and spend, establish savings goals and view your progress.
  • Create unique budget categories or use existing ones.
  • Get a quick overview of your accounts when you log in and view the dashboard.

Download our mobile app and use our planning tools on your mobile device.

Budgeting Tools to Use on Mobile


  • Set up your budget categories or use existing ones.
  • Create rules that place certain expenses into categories.
  • See cash flow trends that show income, expenses and their difference.

Learn more about setting a budget

Online Budget Planner to Set and Track Goals


  • View your plan summary from the dashboard.
  • Establish savings goals.
  • Move money easily from the dashboard.

Learn more about our planning tools

Our planning and budgeting tools can be helpful as you track your budget, income and expenses. However, digital banking and the information contained on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice. Our planning and budgeting tools should not replace a financial advisor or planner. The information provided is general and does not apply to individual financial situations or needs.
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