Mobile deposit

Less time at the bank. More time in the bleachers.

A hand is holding a mobile phone showing the TCF mobile app. She clicks on deposit check, enters numbers, takes a photo of her check, and hits submit. Her phone moves down to reveal that four dogs have tangled their dog walker up around a light pole. She’s stuck.

Deposit checks a handy new way. Through our app.
You select the account, and pop in the amount, then let the app snap a couple pictures of the check. The front and the back. Then, just tap a button or two.
It’ll be a huge help…because someone else could really use a hand.

Deposit checks without stopping by the bank.

Mobile deposit lets you deposit checks securely anytime, using our mobile banking app. Quick. Easy. Banking’s done!

See how simple it is to deposit checks whenever, wherever.

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Use Mobile Deposit on Your iphone or Android, Then Give a Helping Hand

More about mobile deposit

  • There are mobile deposit limits for the number of checks per day, the number of checks per month and dollar amounts allowed.
  • See details in digital banking by logging into our mobile app and selecting deposit check.
  • Not available outside of the U.S.

Learn more about our mobile banking app and how it helps you bank on the go.

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