Pay faster with contactless

Experience the easier and faster way to pay. Your chip-enabled TCF Debit Card can help you make payments faster by giving you the option to simply wave your card above payment terminals that accept contactless payments.


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wave your chip card to pay

Wave and done

When you see payment terminals with the contactless symbol, just wave your card to pay.

  1. Look for the contactless symbol at checkout.
  2. Wave your chip-enabled TCF Debit Card above the payment terminal.
  3. Listen for the beep.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen and sign your name or enter your PIN if needed.
Faster, easier, same security

Fast, easy and secure

  • You can have a faster checkout when you use the contactless feature of your chip-enabled TCF Debit Card.
  • Experience the ease of simply waving to pay.
  • When using contactless, you receive the same fraud protection as if you inserted your chip-enabled debit card.
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