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TCF Premier 62+® Checking

Earn interest and enjoy other benefits with your account when you’re 62 or older.

  • Free online and mobile banking, including online bill pay.
  • Earn interest.
  • Free withdrawals at TCF ATMs, plus TCF fee waived for up to two withdrawals per statement cycle at non-TCF ATMs.
  • Free, instantly issued debit card with wave to pay.
  • Pay with your phone using Apple Pay®, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Free paper statements in addition to free online statements.
  • Free official checks and money orders (up to four per day).
  • Discounts on check orders.

  • Details
  • $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, which is waived with $200 or more in direct deposits or 15 qualifying withdrawals.
  • $25 minimum opening deposit.

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