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Young man with glasses imagining all banking transactions he can do digitally

Can I manage my money digitally?

You can do all your money managing seamlessly, whether you are using your computer or mobile device. Here are all the ways you can use digital banking:

  • Deposit checks with the mobile app
  • Non-prime home loan
  • Use quick glance for one-click access to your account balance and recent transactions
  • Pay bills or any person with pay & transfer, including one-time or recurring transactions
  • Use planning tools to create a budget and track your spending
  • USDA (United States Disability Administration)
  • See online statements and set up alerts
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Illustration of tap-to-pay with a TCF Debit Card

Is there a faster, safer way to checkout?

Tap to pay makes it fast and convenient to pay at a chip reader. When you use your card at a chip-enabled payment terminal, the embedded chip in your card generates a unique code for your transaction that can’t be used again. This better protects your card, making it more difficult for fraudsters to obtain and use your card number and personal information.

Using tap to pay is easy when you follow these four steps:
  1. Look for the contactless symbol at checkout
  2. Tap your chip-enabled debit card above the payment terminal
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and sign you name or enter your PIN if needed
  4. Use planning tools to create a budget and track your spending
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Illustration of locking and unlocking a TCF Debit Card

Can I lock my card if it’s lost or stolen?

When you don’t know where your debit card is, you can lock it while you look for it. You can lock your debit card right from your phone or computer. Once you find your card, simply unlock and resume using it. Still can’t find it? Just cancel it.

You can lock your debit card by logging into digital banking or the mobile app. It’s that easy to have instant card control in the palm of your hand.

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Illustration of a woman setting up alerts on her phone

How can I set up alerts for my account?

Alerts can be set up within digital banking to notify you if your account balances fall below a certain amount, or when certain payments process. You can have alerts sent to the mobile app by selecting push notifications as the delivery option.

Alerts are meant to be a helpful guide, but should not be solely relied upon for your balance information. Alerts are meant to notify you about certain account activity. However, they’re not delivered in real time, so you won’t get immediate notification about account activity.

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