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Man depositing a check into an ATM illustration

What else can I do at ATMs?

Some think ATMs are just for taking out money, but you can also use them to deposit checks and cash into your account – or transfer money between your accounts. If you’re pressed for time, consider this convenient option to quickly deposit checks and cash and be on your way in a snap!

TCF customers can withdraw cash at TCF ATMs for free! If you use a non-TCF ATM, you will be charged a TCF fee (some account types waive this fee) and a fee from the ATM operator.

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Person using mobile deposit illustration

Can I deposit checks without going to the bank?

Absolutely! Mobile deposit lets you deposit checks securely anytime using our mobile app. Quick. Easy. Banking’s done!

It’s simple and fast to deposit checks!
  • Make mobile deposits securely any time, any place within the U.S.
  • Track your deposits clearly inside digital banking
  • Save time with fewer trips to the bank
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Illustration of transferring money from one bank to another

How can I move money from one bank to another?

It’s easy to transfer money between your TCF account and an account you have at another bank. Make sure your money is where you want it, when you need it.

It’s simple to get started. First, enroll in Pay & Transfer, then add your non-TCF account as a recipient. Remember to plan ahead when you transfer funds between accounts because it takes three business days for the funds to be delivered.

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Person holding cell phone viewing account balance illustration

How do I know my account balance?

Whether you’re about to make a purchase or you’re making sure your paycheck’s been deposited, quick glance lets you view your account balance and the 10 most recent transactions in the app, without logging in. There are many types of alerts available that can be sent to your phone via text and email.

Here are two common alerts:
  • Periodic account balance: Tells you what your balance is, whether that’s every day, once a week, or every month.
  • Daily balance threshold alert: Sends you a daily alert when your account balance is below or above a certain amount set by you.

To set up alerts in digital banking go to Settings, click on Alerts, use the drop-down menu and follow the prompts.

Alerts can help notify you about certain account activity; however, balance alerts are not delivered in real time, so you won’t be immediately notified about account activity. Alerts are meant to be a helpful guide, but should not be solely relied upon for your balance information.

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