You asked how to pay bills more easily

Pay bills when and where you want using pay and transfer. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to anyone, including one of 70,000+ businesses already set up.

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How can I organize my bill payments?

Online bill pay is a great digital banking tool that puts you in control. This tool has the following benefits:
  • Pay bills fast—no stamp, envelope, or check needed
  • Pay bills easily from your phone or computer
  • Control when your bill is paid so you know the bill will arrive on time and you can avoid a late fee
  • Simplify—you only need to remember your one digital banking password and you can pay all of your bills from one spot

After you have bill pay set up, you can quickly make one-time payments or set up recurring payments to any person or biller, including one of the 70,000+ businesses already set up. Transfer funds between your TCF accounts—for example, set up recurring transfers into savings accounts to automatically build your balances.

Once you have your biller set up, you can see if they offer e-bills. E-bills are electronic versions of paper bills that go straight into your digital banking account. You can set up the bills to pay automatically every month, even if the amount changes.

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How can I make it easier to stay on top of my bills?

Let’s face it—few people enjoy paying bills. But you can make it easier by using the tools at hand, like bill pay, and knowing a few other tips.

Bill planning hacks
  1. Know your payments and their timing. First, know when your bills are due and the amount owed. Pinpoint the weeks you have the most money due, then plan your monthly budget around those weeks so you have enough money in your account.
  2. Tweak due dates when possible. If you have a bill you tend to pay late, contact the biller and see if you can change the due date so it comes shortly after payday.
  3. Use bill pay. Set up recurring bills in bill pay to have the assurance they’ll be paid on time. You can also set up alerts to remind you when bills have processed, so you know when significant bills have gone through and the money has been withdrawn from your account.
  4. Use helpful apps. There are a number of personal finance apps that can help you troubleshoot bill challenges. Search for “money apps” and see apps that can help you pay down debt, track spending, and more.
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How can I pay bills using my debit card?

You can set up recurring transactions, such as a subscription, gym membership, or insurance premium payment using your debit card. You should track when and how much your payments are to ensure your balance is enough to cover these payments.

When using your debit card for any transaction, you can rest assured knowing it’s protected from unauthorized use with zero fraud liability, so you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

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