Help raise money to fight childhood cancer

For each qualifying digital banking transaction a TCF customer makes, $1 will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®—up to a total donation of $25,000.

Mobile phone displaying add recipient information

Add and pay a new biller

Setting up people or companies as a biller in bill pay lets you transfer funds quickly and seamlessly.

To set up the people or companies you want to pay:
  1. Go to pay & transfer and select manage recipients.
  2. Choose add recipient and then either add a biller to pay (if it’s a company or business with whom you have an account) or add a person to pay if you’re paying an individual.
    • You can search for businesses in the search bar—if the business you want to pay is in our system, some of the company information will auto-populate.
  3. To pay a company, you’ll need the account number you have with them (for example, your utility bill account number) and the biller’s ZIP code that appears on the bill.
  4. After you enter the recipient, you can make a payment from the manage recipients tab or create & view tab.
Mobile phone displaying recurring payment

Set up a new recurring or auto payment

Recurring bill payments make it easy to set and track payments to a biller, including one of the 70,000+ businesses already set up.

To set up a recurring or auto payment:
  1. Go to pay & transfer and select the create & view tab.
  2. Click pay a bill/ transfer money, select the biller you want to pay, then select the account you're paying from and the amount you want to pay.
  3. Select the date you'd like to make the first payment, then select the recurring option. Choose your frequency and duration of payments, then follow the prompts until you see the success notification.
Mobile phone displaying express bill pay options

Pay a bill using express bill pay

Due date came too fast? We may be able to help. Use this service to make last minute payments.

How to schedule an express payment:
  • When setting up a bill payment in pay & transfer, once you have your recipient selected you'll see in the date field the first day the bill can be paid using standard delivery. If you need the bill paid faster, and if the recipient allows it, you'll see an option to select express bill pay.
  • If you select the box for express bill pay, the first available date for faster delivery will appear along with its price. Some recipients are able to accept same-day electronic payments while others have overnight delivery as their fastest option.
  • While standard bill pay is free there is a charge for express bill pay that will appear on screen. On your monthly account statement and in your list of transactions, the fee will show up as a separate transaction from your default funding account, which may or may not be the same account you used to make the payment. Same day delivery is a $12.95 fee, and overnight delivery is a $14.95 fee.
Mobile phone displaying how to activate a new e-bill

Activate a new e-bill

E-bills are electronic versions of paper bills that go straight to your digital banking account. Use e-bills to set up helpful alerts that notify you before payments are due so you can stay on track.

How to set up an e-bill:
  1. First, set up the biller as a recipient in pay and transfer. Go to manage recipients and choose add recipient. You can search for the biller in the search bar or enter the recipient information using a recent paper bill. 
  2. To see which of your billers offer e-bills, in pay and transfer select the manage recipients tab. Select biller that is e-bill capable
  3. Once the e-bills are activated (which may take up to 60 days), you will be able to see the statement within digital banking, and you can set up rules to automatically pay the bill.
Mobile phone displaying bank-to-bank transfer

Initiate and complete a new bank-to-bank transfer

Transfer money between your TCF account and an account you own at another bank.

How to set up another bank as a recipient for a bank-to-bank transfer:
  1. Click on pay and transfer in digital banking, then select manage recipients
  2. Click on add recipient, then select add a non-TCF account to transfer funds. We will send a one-time verification code to your email. After you enter the code, name the account and enter its routing and account numbers. Select the account type from the drop down menu
  3. We’ll attempt to instantly verify your account. If it’s verified, you can go ahead and schedule a transfer between your bank accounts. If we can’t instantly verify your account, we will make two small trial deposits within three business days. 
  4. Check your email. We will email you when the trial deposits have been made. Look for a transaction description in your non-TCF account of “TRIALCREDIT”. Write down the exact amounts of each of these deposits.
  5. Verify your account.
    • Log in to digital banking and go to pay and transfer, select manage recipients, and select the name of your non-TCF account.
    • Select edit, then activate.
    • Enter the trial deposit amounts exactly. If the amounts you enter match the amounts we deposited, your account will be activated.
How to make a bank-to-bank transfer
Once your account is verified, you can transfer money between your TCF and non-TCF accounts.
  1. Under Pay & Transfer, select Pay a bill/Transfer money
  2. Select your non-TCF account to be the recipient (under To) or the funding account (under From).
  3. The first available day your transfer can be delivered will appear in the dropdown calendar.

Between 12/01/2019 and 01/31/2020, $1 will be donated to St. Jude Research Hospital when a consumer performs one of the following actions: adds and pays a new biller, activates a new e-bill, sets up a new recurring or auto payment, makes a new external transfer using TransferNow (known as Bank-to-Bank Transfer) or uses Same Day Bill Pay (known as Express Bill Pay) for the first time through TCF Bank. Each of the Bill Pay payments must be at least $10 and must be paid to another party with a different mailing address from the primary online banking account holder. Qualifying TransferNow (known as Bank-to-Bank Transfer) transfers must be at least $50 moved from an external account into a qualified account at TCF Bank, and new registration qualifiers must complete the add-and-verify account process. Maximum donation is $25,000 total for all campaign participants throughout campaign time period. Your TCF Bank account must be in good standing.

Business accounts are excluded from this offer. Employees of Fiserv, Inc. and their respective parent and affiliate companies, as well as board members and the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible. Rules are subject to change without notice.

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