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Financial Fitness Program for Adults

The TCF Financial Fitness Program is free, online financial education that helps adults manage their money more effectively, make decisions that strengthen their financial futures, and gain confidence in their financial knowledge. The program includes more than 20 on-demand courses that take 7-10 minutes to complete, making it easy to advance through the program whether it’s one course at a time or all at once. You even can create Action Plans to help you take positive steps toward reaching your financial goals.

TCF is sponsoring financial education programs developed by EVERFI, an unaffiliated third party. TCF is not responsible for the content of the financial education programs.

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Across the country every day, you have literally thousands of financial institutions that are doing really innovative and meaningful things in schools, for young people in colleges, and for our senior citizens. Their focus is around protecting them and teaching them about the key concepts and core concepts of financial literacy. What we really wanted to do today is shine a light on the very best.

TCF is very pleased to be here for the third year in a row. We are in an amazing location.

Innovation is at Nasdaq’s DNA. In 1971, we pioneered electronic trading, and since then, innovation has always been in every single step of the way for us. The institutions that are here today are truly doing incredible work. They are applying technology, being innovative in their space, and they are focusing on their community.

I think there is a unique opportunity for financial institutions to really come together around this issue of financial capability. It’s critical to the communities that they serve. It’s really critical to the country that we have knowledgeable consumers that understand mortgages, understand auto loans, and understand how to get into and pay for college.

I think what is interesting about this is that, from a team member perspective, it is one of the most sought after things that they want to be doing. If you live in a community, you want to be able to represent both your community and the company you work for to provide education on financial literacy or financial health.

If you were going to put financial literacy on the main stage and give it the focus it deserves, what better place to do that than in the middle of Times Square at the Nasdaq MarketSite, which represents innovation, energy, and excitement?

The Financial Capability Innovation Awards are a way for Nasdaq and EVERFI to recognize financial institutions all over the country that are leveraging technology to reach their schools, their employees, their consumers, and their small businesses at scale. We think it is really important to highlight this work because they are really moving the needle on financial capability for Americans all across the country, regardless of zip code.

It is so important to get the private sector involved. I would hope that every one of us would use this day as the starting point to make sure we march in the same direction and achieve the same goal. You all are the solution.

Ten years from now, we want to look back and know the work we did today led to millions and millions of Americans learning about concepts that dramatically affect their lives. We want them to be educated on credit and educated on savings. We want them to understand how to create opportunities, college access, student loans, and all kinds of things that have a very big impact on their lives going forward. I think if we do that, we will look back and be really proud of the work that all of us did today.

TCF Bank.

We have seen outstanding growth in terms of impact on 1,300+ schools and 160,000+ people involved in the program. We are also really looking forward to the further roll out of engaging the community on more of a one-to-one or small group basis. We believe that is really our ability to have our dedicated team members out in the marketplace serving the communities. That is really important to TCF.

Financial Education Award

During National Financial Literacy Month, we accepted our fourth, consecutive Innovation in Financial Education Award at Nasdaq in New York. We were recognized for our work to deliver free and engaging financial education to adults and teens.
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