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March 04, 2020

Due date came too fast? We may be able to help. Use this service to make last minute payments.

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Express bill pay pricing

You can send an express bill payment two ways.

  • Same-day electronic payment. Cost: $12.95
  • Overnight check. Cost: $14.95

Your biller may have lower (or no) cost payment options available. You may want to contact your biller directly to see if they take payments another way, such as over the phone or on their website.

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When to use express bill pay

Use express bill pay when you need to make a payment faster. For example, you may opt to use it if:

  • You could be charged a late fee.
  • You could be charged a higher interest rate if your payment arrives late.
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How to use express bill pay

To schedule an express payment:

  • When setting up a bill payment, you’ll first select your recipient and enter the amount you wish to pay. Then you’ll move to delivery date, where you’ll see the first day the bill can be paid using standard delivery. Below that, you’ll see an option to select express bill pay.
  • If you select the express bill pay option, you’ll see the first available date for faster delivery, along with the price. Some recipients are able to accept same-day electronic payments while others have overnight delivery as their fastest option.
  • While standard bill pay is free there is a charge for express bill pay that will appear on screen. On your monthly account statement and in your list of transactions, the fee will show up as a separate transaction from your default funding account, which may or may not be the same account you used to make the payment.
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Deadlines for express bill pay

The first available date will appear in the date field after you select the express bill pay option.

  • Same-day electronic payment deadline:
    • Varies by bill recipient. To see your biller’s deadline go to pay & transfer, select manage recipients and select the biller. You’ll see the deadline and fee amount in the biller’s details.
  • Overnight check deadline:
    • 1 p.m. Central Time. Express bill payments made after 1 p.m. will need one extra day to arrive.

Carefully review the recipient information before sending and check for any errors or typos. Please make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the amount of the bill payment plus the express bill pay fee. If you have the wrong contact information or if you don’t have enough funds, the payment may be delayed or may not process, or you may be charged an overdraft or returned item NSF fee.

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Stay on track with bill pay and alerts

Digital banking includes tools that can help you stay on top of paying bills.

  • Use online bill pay to set up recurring payments for bills that have fixed amounts. You can choose to have alerts sent to remind you when recurring payments are scheduled and sent.
  • Use e-bills if the recipient offers them and set up recurring payments. If the payments change each month, you can set up rules for the payments to process if the payment is within a certain dollar amount.
  • Set up transaction alerts to tell you when a payment is made to a certain company so you can verify it processed.

Track important payments with bank alerts that notify you when certain bills process.

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