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Respecting Your Privacy

At TCF Bank ("TCF") we know that your financial information is important to you and we remain committed to protecting the privacy of your information. To better protect your privacy, we have adopted privacy principles and practices that are summarized below. For a review of the complete TCF Privacy Policy, click here.

Access to Customer Information
TCF has policies and procedures reasonably designed to protect your customer information from illegal access or use. We will review these procedures on an ongoing basis and work to update them as needed to accommodate changing business environments and new products and services.

Protection Against Inappropriate Use Of Customer Information
To help protect you, TCF may gather and ask for certain information, so that we can identify you as a legitimate accountholder when transacting business. We may request identifying information, such as a social security number or account number, or ask you for identification such as your driver’s license to help guard against unauthorized use of your account.

Employee Responsibility To Maintain Privacy Practices
TCF emphasizes the importance of maintaining these privacy practices and principles to employees, through staff training, day to day management and enforcement of TCF's Code of Ethics. Employees are expected to follow these standards. Disciplinary measures are taken where appropriate to enforce the importance of employee responsibility.

System Security to Protect Customer Privacy
TCF maintains system security to help protect against any unauthorized access to customer information. These systems are designed to reasonably guard against unauthorized access and use of customer information by unauthorized individuals. TCF works to upgrade these practices and procedures on an ongoing basis.

Sharing of Information Within TCF
We share information with other TCF companies. In doing so, we follow all TCF security standards and policies, as well as any applicable laws or regulations regarding the sharing of such information.

Sharing of Information With Third Parties
TCF may share some information about our customers with other companies. We also share information when necessary to protect against fraud or other financial abuse, or in connection with credit reporting. TCF may also release information about you or your account, or transactions involving your account, to third parties if it is necessary to complete a transaction, or to verify the existence of the account or availability of funds for a third party. We may also provide information to law enforcement or other government agencies or to another third party (for example, in response to a subpoena) when legally required to do so. We also sometimes contract with outside agents or service providers to print checks, provide audit services, enter or calculate transactions and balances, or provide other materials or services on our behalf. We will seek to make sure that these agents, service providers, and third-party product providers agree to safeguard our information about you, your products and services with us, and to abide by applicable law. We also occasionally decide to sell business assets or a business line, such as mortgage servicing rights. In these cases, we may transfer to the purchaser the related customer information. There may be other circumstances where it becomes necessary to disclose information in order to conduct our business.

To assist in offering you new products and services of interest you, TCF sometimes provides customer information to parties outside TCF. Of course, you may accept or decline any of these product offerings, with no impact to your relationship with TCF.

Maintaining Accurate Customer Information
Maintaining accurate customer information is as important to us as it is to you. TCF has policies and procedures in place to help us collect and maintain accurate information. If a customer informs us that they believe some of our information is inaccurate, we will investigate and take steps to correct the information where necessary. Of course, customers should notify TCF as quickly as possible of any information maintained or reported by TCF that they think is incorrect.

At TCF we value our relationship with you, our customer. We use your customer information only in connection with business purposes that we believe are appropriate and to develop better products and services to meet your financial needs.

TCF reserves the right to modify these principles and practices from time to time.

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