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Online Statements FAQs

Have some questions about online statements? View our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about going paperless.


What is an Online Statement?

An Online Statement is an electronic version of the paper statement you receive monthly for your checking and savings accounts. It includes all of the same information that you currently receive in your paper statement, including canceled check images, legal notices and the back page of your statement.

How much do Online Statements cost?

Online Statements are FREE!

Why should I sign up for Online Statements?

Online Statements are both safe and convenient. Accessible only during a secure online banking session, Online Statements help guard your personal information while reducing the clutter and hassle of paper statements. View up to 3 years of past statements online anytime and from anywhere you have Internet access. Online statements may also save you fees if your checking account is subject to the paper statement fee. For more information on the paper statement fee, view the Deposit Account Services & Prices Schedule for your state.

Enrolling in Online Statements

Can I get Online Statements if my checking and savings statements are combined?

No. Combined checking and savings statements are not eligible for Online Statements. To receive statements online for those accounts, phone Customer Service and request that those accounts be uncombined.

When will I begin receiving my statements online?

You will automatically have a minimum of two months of statements available online after you enroll. Your next statement will appear online at the same time you would receive your paper statement.

What software do I need to view my statements online?

Your Online Statement will be presented to you electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view, print or save the PDF, you will need to download a FREE copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader.

Do I have to enroll all of my accounts?

No, you can choose which accounts you would like to enroll in Online Statements.

How do I enroll?

Sign in to Online Banking and click on Accounts, then Statements, then Manage Delivery Options. Under the Delivery Method column, in the drop down boxes, select "Online Only" for each account that you want to receive an online statement for. Preview your selections and then click Submit.

Which accounts are eligible for Online Statements?

All checking and statement savings accounts are eligible for Online Statements. To receive statements online for combined checking and savings statement accounts, call our Customer Service and request that those accounts be uncombined.

Will I still receive a statement in the mail?

If you enroll your accounts in Online Statements, you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail for those accounts. However, if you signed up for online statements in a branch, you must first log in to Online Banking from a non TCF computer to fully complete the process.

How do I sign up for online statements if the only delivery option is "paper only" or not all my accounts are listed in online banking?

Call our Customer Service at (800) TCF-BANK or (800) 823-2265 or (612) TCF-BANK in the Twin Cities area. We can help you sign up for online statements.

Viewing Online Statements

How do I view my statement?

Sign in to Online Banking and click on the Statements link. Select an account and click on the link of the statement you would like to view.

Can I print and save my statement?

Yes. You can print your statement as you would any other document by choosing the Print option under the File menu or clicking on the Print icon in the toolbar. Save your statement by clicking on the Save a Copy icon in the toolbar or under the File menu.

Will I still see images of my canceled checks?

Yes, if you received images of your canceled checks with your paper statement.

Can joint account owners view statements online?

Any joint account owner can sign up that account for Online Statements. However, all account owners must accept the E-Sign Consent and Online Statements Agreement before viewing their statements online.

How will I know when my statement is available online?

You will receive a secure notification to your Online Banking mailbox when your statement is available to view online. You can also set up an alert to your email address.

Will my online statement look like my paper statement?

Yes. Your online statement will look identical to your paper statement, including canceled check images, legal notices and the back page of your statement.

How long is my statement available for viewing online?

Your statements, and check images within those statements, will be available online for 3 years.

How can I get copies of past statements?

You will have 3 years of statements available online. Call Customer Service to obtain copies of statements older than 3 years (fees may apply for copies; see the Deposit Account Services & Price Schedule for your state).

Will I still receive the inserts that are mailed with my paper statement?

Yes. All inserts (policy changes, account notices, privacy information, marketing information, etc.) will be included in the PDF.


How does TCF protect my personal information?

Our service uses the latest Internet security technology, including secure communications (SSL), firewalls, encryption and operating systems that have been designed to provide maximum security. You may view, print, or save your statements and never have to worry about your private information sitting unattended in your mailbox. If you save your statement to your personal computer, you should ensure that you have adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized computer users and hackers from viewing the information you store on your personal computer.