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Online Check Images FAQs

TCF Online Banking customers are able to view checks cleared on all checking accounts for free!

Access to these images improves your Online Banking experience by allowing you to conveniently view a scanned image of the front and back of your checks and deposit slips.

General Questions

How much does it cost?

It's FREE! You can view your canceled checks and deposit slips online free of charge.

How can I save an image of my check or deposit slip?
  1. Click the right-hand mouse button and click on "Save Picture As…" (in Internet Explorer).
  2. Select the destination of the image.
  3. Click "Save." You can save your image as a .PNG or a .BMP file.

(Note: Each side of the check is an individual image, so you must perform the above steps for both front and back.)

Can I get images for all of my transaction types?

Only check and deposit slip images are available for viewing online. Other items such as check card transactions and ACH deposits and withdrawals will not be available as an image.

Who is eligible to view online check images?

Any checking account customer who has signed up for Online Banking.

Can I see images for my bill payment items?

Any bill payment items that were processed as a paper check and have been drafted on the account will be available for viewing online. Electronic bill payments will not be available online.

How long will my check images be available for viewing online?

Images of checks and deposit slips will be available online for up to 180 days. Online statements that include images may be viewed for up to 18 months. Contact us if you would like an image that is not available online.

How do I view my check images online?

To view your canceled checks and deposit slips, follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Click on the account name you want to view. The activity screen displays.
  • Click the View Image link next to the transaction you would like to view.
Can I print my check or deposit slip image?

Yes. Click the right-hand mouse button and click "Print Picture." You can also save the picture on your hard drive (see instructions above) and edit the image in applications that are used for viewing images, like Microsoft Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Word. The image can also be emailed.