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Miles Plus Rewards Program FAQs

Review the categories below and click on the appropriate question for more information.

Opening an Account

How do I get a card with TCF Miles Plus Rewards?

TCF Miles Plus Rewards Program is available to any customer who opens and maintains a TCF Premier Checking Plus account. To open an account, visit a TCF Bank location.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?

You earn 1 point for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases made with your TCF Premier Plus Charge Card. For example, a $50 purchase earns 50 points.

Do I earn points every time I use my card - even when I make an ATM transaction?

Points are earned for Qualifying Purchases, which are signature-based, Internet, phone or mail order merchant purchases processed through the Visa® transaction processing system, and automatic bill payments (such as monthly utility bills) made with your TCF Premier Plus Charge Card. ATM transactions, teller line transactions, or cash advances made with your card do not earn any points.

How soon after I open my account do I earn points?

You can begin to earn points for Qualifying Purchases as soon as you receive your TCF Premier Plus Charge Card.

I have a joint account with two cards. Do both cards earn points separately, or are they combined into one total?

With the TCF Miles Plus Rewards program, all cards issued to an account contribute to one Reward Account total.

I have two different TCF checking accounts. Can I combine the points from both accounts?

No. Point totals for different TCF checking accounts are separate and cannot be combined.

Is there a limit or 'cap' to the number of points I can earn?

Currently there are no monthly, annual or lifetime 'caps' on the number of points you can earn.

Will my points expire?

Points currently have no scheduled expiration; however, this is subject to change by TCF. If you close your TCF Premier Checking Plus account or do not have a minimum of 1 Qualifying Purchase for 24 consecutive months, your points will be forfeited.

Determining Your Point Balance

How are point totals calculated?

You earn points with every Qualifying Purchase made with your TCF Premier Plus Charge Card. A Qualifying Purchase is a purchase processed through the Visa transaction processing system. See a complete definition of a Qualifying Purchase in the program rules (Terms and Conditions). Points are added to your Reward Account on a monthly basis.

How do I find out how many points I have?

Log in to TCF Online Banking and select the Rewards tab. Your point balance will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Rewards home page. Points are added to your Rewards Account on a monthly basis. You can also click on Rewards Statement once you sign in to TCF Miles Plus Rewards for more detail. For security purposes, you need your checking account number and the PIN you created for your card.

If I return merchandise that I purchased with my card, do I lose the points associated with this Qualifying Purchase?

Yes. If you return a purchase that earned points, returning all or a portion of that purchase will reduce your point total by the dollar value of the merchandise returned.

I just received my monthly checking account statement and my points do not appear on the website. Why not?

TCF updates your point totals at the end of every calendar month.

If I close my TCF checking account, will I lose my points?

Yes. All points will be forfeited if you close your TCF checking account.

How does a point balance become negative?

If you redeemed points and then returned a purchase that previously earned points, your account could have a negative point balance.

I think I have earned more points than shown on my TCF Miles Plus Rewards account. Who do I contact regarding the difference?

Remember that TCF updates your point totals at the end of every calendar month. You can also look at the history of all points in the Points Reward history page. If you still have questions, contact TCF.

I lost my card. Will my points transfer?

If your TCF Premier Plus Charge Card or TCF Miles Plus Check Card number changes for any reason, your point total will transfer.

Redeeming Points

How do I redeem my points?

Log in to TCF Online Banking and select the Rewards tab. Click Redeem Points at the left side of the page. You will need your TCF checking account number and the PIN you created for your card.

Can I turn in my points for cash?

You can redeem your points for merchandise or air travel rewards, but points are not redeemable for cash.

I do not have enough points for the merchandise I want. Can I pay the difference in cash?

No, but continue to use your card for all your merchant Qualifying Purchases and we will keep adding points to your TCF Miles Plus Reward Account. The more you use your card, the faster your Reward Account total grows!

Can I give or transfer my points to someone else?

Points cannot be transferred to another TCF Miles Plus Reward Account. You can, however, book travel or redeem merchandise for another party.

Using Points for Travel Purchases

Can I use my points for any airline?

The TCF Miles Plus travel site, VIPexpress, has access to most major airlines without blackout dates, unlike other miles programs. Select the departure and arrival cities to generate flight information from participating carriers.

Can I use my points for a First Class ticket?

Yes. VIPexpress allows you to use your points for Business Class or First Class travel. After you have selected your flight, simply choose the flight class seating option.

Can I book a rental car or a hotel?

Yes, you can use your points to book a rental car, hotel or any other travel-related arrangements through Personal Choice Travel.

When I use my TCF Miles Plus points for an airline ticket, can I also get frequent flier points from that airline?

Yes, if you have a frequent flier account with that airline and you enter your frequent flier number when you book your flight.