Treasury Management

TCF Bank offers a comprehensive selection of treasury management products and services to fit the needs of commercial clients. From collections to disbursements and reporting services, we have the tools to help you manage your cash efficiently.

TCF Online and Mobile Banking

Online and Mobile Banking

TCF's most comprehensive online service for commercial clients with more sophisticated treasury management needs.

  • Online and mobile access to current balances and pending and posted transaction history
  • Online statements and extensive reporting options
  • Online transaction initiation alternatives, including transfers between TCF accounts, ACH origination, and wire transfers
  • Ability to approve pending ACH and wire transfers and make internal account transfers via mobile access
  • Fraud prevention tools, such as stop payments, ACH block and filter, text alerts, check positive pay and more
  • Sophisticated security tools and procedures to keep your financial information and bank accounts secure

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TCF Treasury Management Depository

Deposit Accounts

TCF offers a variety of accounts for its commercial clients.

  • Checking Accounts: monthly analysis statements, competitive earnings credit, and unit cost on services used
  • Money Market Accounts: monthly compounding of interest and potential for higher yields with larger balances
  • Certificates of Deposit: competitive rates, three-month to 10-year terms; also jumbo CDs ($100,000 or more) for 30 days or longer

TCF Collection and Deposit Gathering

Collection & Deposit Gathering

We offer tools and services designed to help you speed up collections and mobilize your cash.

  • Remote Deposit Services: TCF's remote deposit services permit you to deposit checks without leaving the office and extends the deposit cutoff time for a longer processing day. Deposit details can be downloaded to account receivables systems, enhancing the reconciliation process
  • Wholesale Lockbox: Outsource the collection of receivables to TCF
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Origination: TCF's ACH services allow you to collect regularly scheduled payments due to you quickly, accurately and predictably, while lowering collection costs
  • Wire Transfer Reporting: Receive same day electronic notification of incoming wires
  • Deposit Reconciliation: Track your deposits by location and have your funds concentrated to a single account automatically
  • Zero Balance Account: Consolidate deposits into your main TCF operating account from related TCF accounts

TCF Disbursement and Payments

Disbursement & Payments

We can help you control and predict your company’s cash flow.

  • Controlled Disbursement Account: Receive early notification of checks posting to your disbursement account and automatically fund that account from another TCF account
  • Wire Transfer: Safely and efficiently disburse same-day funds to payees in the United States; international wire transfers also available
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Origination: An efficient and cost-effective way to disburse payments to your employees, trade creditors and the U.S. Treasury

TCF Information Reporting

Information Reporting

Receive timely account information to help you better manage your cash position.

  • Same Day Information Reporting: Receive information on current balances and pending transactions via TCF commercial online and mobile banking in real time
  • Electronic Reports: Receive various online reports, including Balance Reporting, ACH Return Resolution, Deposited Items Returned Advices, Account/Analysis Statements, Account Reconciliation and TCF Loan Statements; and receive notice when new reports are available
  • ACH Remittance (EDI) Reporting: Receive daily ACH addenda reports that provide supplemental information on ACH debit and credit entries to your TCF accounts
  • Account Reconciliation Services: Three account reconciliation services are available to meet your needs: Full, Partial and Deposit Reconciliation

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