Cash Flow and Asset Based Loans

The experience of TCF Capital Funding's leveraged finance team allows it to offer a variety of leveraged loan structures to fit the customer's financing need. Whether the company is asset intensive or generates a significant amount of cash flow, TCF Capital Funding can work to tailor a structure to meet both the funding requirement and simultaneously take into account the company's debt service ability.

Cash Flow Loans

TCF Capital Funding offers cash flow loans (or enterprise value loans) to companies backed by Private Equity Sponsors and Mezzanine Groups. Cash Flow loans are utilized in leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and refinancings to apply appropriate leverage by analyzing a borrower's ability to generate strong and consistent cash flow.

Asset based loans

These loans are designed to increase your borrowing capacity by leveraging the value of your existing assets. Asset based loans leverage a companies accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets as collateral.

Unlike cash flow or enterprise value lending that relies primarily on a borrower's historical cash flow generation and projected performance as loan criteria, asset based loans also increase a borrower's financing capacity by leveraging the value of their existing assets.
Structures include:

  • Revolving Loans supported by a borrowing base of working capital assets which can be used to help fund daily operations and seasonal cash cycle fluctuations.
  • Term Loans supported by fixed assets (machinery & equipment and/or real estate) which can be used to fund growth or help finance an acquisition.

TCF Capital Funding can offer creative structures that provide revolving loans and term loans that appropriately reflect a borrower's capitalization and enterprise valuation and help to match principal amortization to a borrower's debt service capability and ongoing capital spending needs.

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