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TCF Capital Funding, a division of TCF National Bank based in Chicago, IL provides cash flow loans to private equity and entrepreneur backed companies throughout the United States. Our niche is the lower middle market, defined as privately held companies with less than $100 million in sales and EBITDA of $2 million to $15 million. Our lending professionals average over 20 years of experience focused on providing leveraged finance products to support acquisitions, buyouts, growth initiatives and refinancings.

Today, TCF Capital Funding is a leading national provider of cash flow loans to the lower middle market.

TCF Capital Funding, a division of TCF Bank, specializes in providing asset-based and cash flow loans to companies in the lower middle market. Our lending professionals average more than 20 years of experience with leveraged finance products that support acquisitions, buyouts, growth initiatives and refinancings.

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Focused on senior cash flow.
Deals with EBITDA from $2-$10 MM
Getting deals done.
$750 MM in commitments closed
It all starts with trust.
Preferred cash flow and asset-based lender with 250+ PE and mezzanine relationships
Cash flow lending
Asset-based lending
Focused exclusively on the lower middle market.
$10 to $25 MM Financings
Up to $75 MM Syndication Capabilities
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Revolving Loans
Term Loans
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Leveraged Buyouts
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<$100MM Revenue
US-Based & Privately Held
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Solid Relationships
Experienced Team
Fair Return on Risk
Creative Flexible Solutions
Quality not Quantity
Long-term View
We are a market leader that values long-standing relationships
Multiple company logos cross the screen. Company logos include: Hermitage Equity Partners, Svoboda Capital Partners, Prairie Capital, Mangrove Equity Partners, Ampersand, LINX Partners, Range Light, LongueVue Capital, Kinderhook Industries, Milestone Partners, GMB | Mezzanine Capital, Clearview Capital, Prospect Partners, Corridor Capital, LLC, Centerfield Capital Partners, Fort Point Capital, Stone Arch Capital, Gemini Investors, Sheridan Legacy Group, LaSalle Capital, Caymus Equity, Spell Capital, Glencoe Capital, Superior Capital Partners LLC, Dubin Clark
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It’s the little things.

Cash flow loans
These loans are designed to maximize your borrowing capacity by leveraging your ability to generate a strong and consistent cash flow. Cash flow loans (or enterprise value loans) can be used in leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and refinancing. TCF Capital Funding offers cash flow loans to companies backed by Private Equity Sponsors and Mezzanine Groups.

Asset based loans
These loans are designed to increase your borrowing capacity by leveraging the value of your existing assets. Asset based loans leverage a companies accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets as collateral.

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At TCF Capital Funding, our cohesive team has worked together for many years, and all we’ve ever done is lower-middle-market leveraged lending. We pride ourselves in the consistency, dependability and responsiveness of providing financing that enables sponsors to buy strong businesses – and make them even stronger.

As the president and the co-founder,
my focus has always been on
growing TCF Capital Funding into the
premier lower-middle-market leverage lender.
We've been focusing on that area our entire careers, and
I think the consistency, and the dependability
of what we bring to the market
really differentiates us.
I'm always amazed by the individuals who have
built these business, and
to listen to them articulate their vision for the company.
Providing financing that enables them
to buy really strong businesses,
and then develop them into even better businesses.
And see that play out in real-time is just a lot of fun.
Our business is really all about responsiveness.
and looking to really be cooperative with our sponsor customers.
There's not a one-structure-fits-all for anything
and you have to be a little bit flexible with their needs.
We're pretty much like a machine over here.
Everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.
It's a group of people that can act quickly, act thoughtfully.
A strong sense of camaraderie, a lot of team
members have been working together for a long time
Just a family. That's the word that comes to mind for me.
I think we're big fans at Capital Funding of not over complicating what we're doing.
Being very transparent, and delivering on what we say we're going to deliver.

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