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Consumption financing

Most technology that can be – be it data storage or 3D printing or number of users—it can be financed using our Consumption Financing solution. TCF recognized the need in the market for a different financing solution – one that reduces the friction caused by traditional lending. Developed to meet market demands, Consumption Financing breaks the ties of term-based contracts and focuses on how you are using the technology. Although some financing providers claim to offer their own version of this, few, if any, can actually deliver the same level of accuracy and control.

The TCF Consumption Model is especially attractive in settings where:

  • Finance wants to allocate costs more accurately according to actual use rather than guessing
  • Equipment usage is inconsistent due to seasonality, day of week or other variables
  • Different departments or user groups have significantly different use requirements
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What makes our offering unique?

The majority of companies will soon demand payment models based on usage for IT and data center investments and will base vendor selection on these programs. One of TCF’s biggest differentiators is our consumption solution that allows end users to pay for only what they use on a monthly basis (“pay by the drip”).

  • Fully variable payment
  • Multiple usage reporting options
  • Per unit pricing based on the end user’s projected usage
  • Product-agnostic
  • Can accommodate nearly any measurable technology
    • Memory, storage, CPU
    • Node, instance, device
  • End users can manage to a single utility contract
    • Eliminates vendor-specific agreements

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