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Capital markets

Our teams have the knowledge and experience it takes to help you achieve your capital markets goals. We purchase and sell transactions and portfolios and have the expertise and financial stability to bring you the benefits you need, including managing risk, exposure and finding the right blend of financing partners for large projects.

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Syndication sell

  • Transaction $150,000 or more
  • Available to customers with favorable pay histories with TCF
  • Full sale of your financing package: lease purchases, true leases, terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC) leases and loans
  • New and existing transactions

Syndication buy

We buy transactions from banks and leasing companies when customers reach exposure caps, in businesses aligned with our core markets.

  • Transactions from $500,000 to $20 million
    • Ability to go smaller or larger for the right opportunity
  • Seller holds two to three times the amount syndicated
  • Favorable pay history with the seller
  • Full-term leases and loans
  • Limited residual risk


We make acquisitions aligned with our core business segments based on several criteria.

  • Portfolio of $15 million or more
  • Diversification among credits
  • Fast transaction cycle, with the ability to close in 45 days or less

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