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Information Reporting

Information Reporting

Receive timely account information to better manage your cash position with these TCF products and services.

Online Banking
Use TCF Express Business to realize all the benefits of convenience, efficiency and improved safety available through online banking. TCF Express Business Internet Banking features reporting and transaction initiation modules including ACH origination, wire transfers, stop payments, balance reporting, book transfers, and positive pay.

Multi- Bank Reporting
Consolidate bank account information across multiple financial institutions for ease in account management. TCF works with a third party vendor of your choosing to disseminate your account information.

Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI)
Allow TCF to generate a report that provides supplemental information known as addenda records that accompany electronic payments.

Account Reconciliation Services
TCF offers a variety of account reconciliation services to our commercial customers including Full, Partial or Deposit Reconciliation. With Full Reconciliation, customers send a file of their check issues, containing serial numbers, issue dates and dollar amounts to the bank via our Internet banking platform, TCF Express Banking. With this information, TCF balances the account and produces a variety of reports, such as an outstandings/unpaid items report. With Partial Reconciliation customers typically receive a paid items report and complete the reconciliation themselves. Deposit Reconciliation refers to a service to track multiple store or location deposits for customers who currently roll-up these multiple deposits to one TCF concentration account. Deposit reconciliation provides reports that identify these separate location deposits to the concentration account. Additionally, TCF offers services to streamline your month-end process and minimize check storage. Request a CD Rom of your cleared checks for fast and convenient check copy retrieval using your personal computer.

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