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TCF Debit Card

TCF® Debit Card

The TCF Debit Card is a fast, safe and easy way to make purchases right from your TCF checking account.

How to get your debit card

You can get a new or replacement TCF Debit Card that is personalized at any branch. Learn more about when chip-enabled cards will be available.

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Use it everywhere Visa® is accepted

Use your debit card for groceries, gas, entertainment, paying bills and withdrawing cash at ATMs.

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Pay faster with contactless

Your chip-enabled TCF Debit Card offers a new contactless payment option. When you see payment terminals with the universal contactless symbol, just wave your card to pay and you’re on your way. Contactless pay

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Chip-enabled debit cards

Chip-enabled debit cards give you better protection against fraud when used at chip-enabled terminals.

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Fraud protection

You are protected with zero fraud liability for unauthorized use of your TCF Debit Card. This means you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your debit card.

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Mobile payments

Your TCF Debit Card can be used with popular mobile payment services, including Android PayTM, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay.
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Learn more in our mobile payments course

Discover the basics about mobile payment types and how they work in the TCF Financial Fitness Program. Our free, online course will help you make informed decisions about your money.

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Are you protecting your identity?

Your identity can be stolen in an instant. Learn how to better protect your identity in our Identity Protection course. You’ll learn the causes of these crimes and practical tips that will help you keep your identity and money safe.
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